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Gundlach No. 711-1939 ‘Big Squeezy’ Carpet Stretcher w/Gundlach No. 1939

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Gundlach No. 711-1939  ‘Big Squeezy’ Carpet Stretcher w/Gundlach No. 1939

Most innovative stretcher on the market!

The unique steel frame design stands 11-1/2” tall allowing the No. 5HG2 Glue Gun or a seaming iron to easily pass under. No need to move stretcher out of the way for seam work! Simply turn handle to allow the drive gear to adjust and lock stretcher in any position along the 6" available travel. Stretcher will not slip! Reverse stretcher heads from stretching configuration to seam repair configuration for pulling an open carpet seam together. Can be used at any angle to allow directional stretching for correction of bow, skew or pattern elongation. Patented tooth design allows for non-slip stretching or squeezing of all types of carpet. No tooth adjustment necessary. The No. 1939 Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag is available as an accessory for this stretcher. Stretcher is 11-1/2" Tall and weighs 21.60 lbs. Comes With Gundlach No. 1939