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Gundlach No. 5 Ward Handle Knife

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Gundlach No. 5 Ward Handle Knife

The Gundlach No. 5 Ward Handle knife is a specialized sheetgoods installation knife that allows blades to be mounted at different angles depending on the material. Blades can be mounted at a steep angle for stiff commercial vinyls and thick linoleum, or at less steep angles for regular materials. Takes Crain No. 012 (Gundlach No. 12-WB) Standard Blades or CrainNo. 013 (Gundlach No. 13-WB) Heavy Blades. This knife can also take the Gundlach No. 26-AB Hook Blade with the blade screw passing through the square hole of this blade. Comes with one Gundlach No. 012 Standard Blade. Net weight:1/16 oz