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Gundlach No. 528-025M Fein Multimaster MiniCut Saw, Rasp and File Kit

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No. 528-025M

MiniCut Saw, Rasp and File Kit

The MiniCut Accessories allow detail work in tight spaces with cuts as small as 3/8" wide. The MiniCut Saw, Rasp and File Kit includes the Accessory Holder, Straight and 15° Clamping Plates and a starter set of Accessories. The Steel Blades for Wood (Nos. 528-131M and 528-132M cut up to about 1-1/4" deep, while all other accessories cut (or reach) up to about 7/8" deep.



  • Accessory Holder
  • Straight Clamping Plate
  • 15° Clamping Plate
  • 528-132M* 3/8" Wide Wood Blade
  • 528-131M* 3/4" Wide Wood Blade
  • 528-130M* 3/8" Wide HSS Blade
  • 528-129M* 3/4" Wide HSS Blade
  • 528-015 3/4" Wide Carbide Rasp
  • 528-012M 3/4" Wide Normal Diamond File

* Includes 1 each only of these items.