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Triangulo Exotic Hardwood Flooring

TRIANGULO is dedicated to the industrialization of wood since 1972. Built at that time, a solid industrial structure, administrative and asset that secured the technological evolution and constant innovation in its product line, adapting to the demands of the domestic and foreign markets.

The knowledge of the peculiarities of the wood, the most important building material and coating throughout the history of humanity and respect for the forest reserves, natural and planted, defined the guidelines of the business activity of TRIANGULO: "Man and Nature in Harmony”.

The increasing demand has required technologies that provide the rational use of wood, the continuous development of products, forest protection and planting of suitable species for many different purposes. Involved in this process, TRIANGULO meets the market present without compromising the future demand.

With this objective, their designs are meant for the responsible production of wood and manufacture of floors whose technology reduces consumption and avoids waste. The company invests in preserving their native reserves, practicing the system of "responsible care" in which the harvest of the species used is selective: only the trees that are removed are moving from adulthood to old age, when the activity of absorption carbon dioxide from the air is reduced by 70%.

The reforestation programs, such as management responsibility, involving communities adjacent constituting an economic scenario with social and environmental responsibilities, within the principles of TRIÂNGULO PISOS. For the transformation of raw material thus obtained, the TRIANGULO assembled one of the most modern plants in the world, designed to produce their collections of wood flooring.